Delaney Bramlett - Mobius Strip (1973)

Delaney Bramlett was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist, best known for Delaney & Bonnie and Friends, a partnership with his wife actve from 1967 to 1972.

Delaney Bramlett's second solo album came out in 1973, the same year he divorced Bonnie. Like its predecessor (1972's Somethings Coming), Mobius Strip featured a seriously funky, soulful R&B sound, with lots of rockers interspersed with some more delicate ballads, with Delaney on top form throughout as both a singer and guitarist. The backing band was the same one he used on his first album - organist Tim Hedding, bassist Robert Wilson and drummer Ron Grayson, plus a horn section, backing vocalists (including Clydie King and Vanetta Fields) and guest spots from guitarist John Ussery, steel guitarist Red Rhodes, and others. The end result was another great LP of soulful rock & roll.

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