The Butterfield Blues Band - Sometimes I Just Feel Like Smilin' (1971)

The Butterfield Blues Band were an American blues group fronted by vocalist and harmonica player Paul Butterfield, who was one of the first well-known white blues singers.

Released in 1971, Sometimes I Just Feel Like Smilin' was the last album from The Butterfield Blues Band. As of such it's one of their lesser-known records, though it's certainly a very good one, featuring their R&B / jazz fusion sound in full force. The use of a group of female backing singers (Merry Clayton, Clydie King, Oma Drake and Venette Fields) added a gospel flavour to the mix, and the instrumental abilities of the whole band were on full show throughout (it featured the same lineup that recorded 1970's Live album). The songs were all band originals, with the exception of a great rendition of Henry Glover's classic "Drown In My Own Tears".
By this point Paul Butterfield had tired of the endless touring and changing personnel within the group he had been leading since 1963. He broke up the band, and retired to the communual atmosphere of Woodstock. However it wouldn't be long before he was putting together together a new group...

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