Happy & Artie Traum - Hard Times In The Country (1975)

The brothers Happy and Artie Traum are/were both folk singer-songwriters and guitarists, who in the early 70s recorded together as a duo.
Hard Times In The Country was the third album from the brothers Happy & Artie Traum. Though four years had passed since their last one, their formula for rootsy folk had not changed, resulting in another fantastic album full of rustic charm and superb musicianship. Recorded at Albert Grossman's Bearsville Studios, it featured the brothers' talented acoustic guitar playing backed by Arlen Roth (electric guitar), Roly Salley (bass), Billy Mundi (drums), Clark Pierson (drums), Paul Butterfield (harmonica) and Larry Packer (fiddle). The songs themselves were a mix of good originals, traditionals and a few covers. It turned out to be their last album together as a duo for a very long time, as they both began solo careers.

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ge said...

thank you sir---Billy Mundi satisfies.
the Traums too---good players on their albums, others of that upstate area-era i've noted