Country Joe And The Fish - Together (1968)

Country Joe and the Fish were an American psychedelic rock band.

After the release of the band's excellent first two albums, Country Joe McDonald himself departed with hopes to begin a solo career. Barry Melton planned to take the reigns (the band briefly becoming just 'The Fish'), but before long McDonald had returned. They began work on their third album, and Together was released in 1968. However it was not as well received, and in reality was a bit patchy and lacked focus.
By 1969 the band had begun to disintegrate, with Bruce Barthol, David Cohen and Gary Hirsh all leaving to pursue other things (Barthol moved to England, Cohen joined a reformed version of The Blues Project, and Hirsh opened an art supplies shop in Oakland). That left just McDonald and Melton, who had to find new bandmates if they were to keep recording...

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Anonymous said...

a bit unfocused, to be sure, but still has some good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think most of the Fish albums at least offer something. Great blog by the way, and I love your write-ups, which shed a bit of light on some of these records.