Ginger Baker's Air Force - Ginger Baker's Air Force 2 (1970)

Ginger Baker's Air Force was a short-lived jazz-rock group led by drummer Ginger Baker.

Shortly after he put together his fantastic live album with his new band, Ginger Baker started work on a follow-up, this time recorded in the studio. The line-up by then had changed, the only founding members left being Baker himself (drums & percussion), Graham Bond (sax & keyboards) and Bud Beadle (sax). The new members were Ken Craddock (guitars & keyboards), Colin Gibson (bass), Steve Gregory (sax & flute) and Neemoi Acquaye (drums & percussion), plus singers Diane Stewart and Catherine James. Baker, Craddock and Bond also contributed vocals.
Ginger Bakers Air Force 2 followed in the footsteps of its predecessor, with a similar heavy, percussion-driven jazz-rock style. It was produced by Baker and Bond with past band members Denny Laine and Ric Grech (who both make brief cameos as well). The songs included a new version of his old Cream number "Sweet Wine", and "Let Me Ride" by Roebuck Staples (i.e. Pops Staples of The Staple Singers).
It turned out to be the last album under the Air Force name, as by the end of the year Baker had finished the group and moved on to pastures new.

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JennyD said...

I wanted to thank you for finding and sharing the most interesting old albums from so many genres. Listening to these has me stepping back into a time that was wonderful. I don't just mean this Ginger Baker, I mean many others from A to Z as well. This has been a treasure and what's so extra great is that I have many of the old vinyls but no record player. Thank you sooo much for all your work :D

E.Man said...

Oh yes, a grateful up to you on this.

Sound checkin with view to a purchase.

JennyD: Get youself a rekkid player.

Russell Rooster said...

I used to download albums all the time from your blog.

But now it takes me to some dodgy "flash download" that looks like a trojan.