Donovan - A Gift From A Flower To A Garden (1967)

Donovan is a British singer-songwriter, who in the 60s emerged from the British folk scene to become a psychedelic pop icon.

The mid 60s saw Donovan turn towards psychedelic pop music with transatlantic commercial success, most notably through the Top 10 singles "Sunshine Superman" and "Mellow Yellow". These two hits were followed by a couple of non-album singles, "Epistle To Dippy" (which got to #19 in the US), and "There Is A Mountain" (#8 US, #11 UK). Around this time he was also arrested for marijauna possession, and his case became one of the most high profile examples of the law's crackdown on the drug use of pop stars in the 60s (incidentally his drug intake was actually very low).
His fifth album came out in late 1967, and was interesting in that it was actually two albums in one. It was more than just a double album - it was actually two seperate albums released at the same time and packaged together under the title A Gift From A Flower To A Garden. The two albums were also released individually in the US, and they both had very different sounds. The first (Wear Your Love Like Heaven), had an electric folk-rock sound with psychedelic and mystical colourings, and the second (For Little Ones) was a collection of mellow acoustic songs themed around children, for the most part performed solo.
The box set was a success, eventually getting to #19 on the US charts (the single "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" got to #23). Its release in the UK was actually delayed until early 1968, when it got to #13.

Mellow Yellow (1967) <|> In Concert (1968)
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