Poco - Poco (1970)

Poco is an American country-rock band originally formed in 1968.

By the time of Poco's second album, bassist Randy Meisner had left to be replaced by Timothy B. Schmidt. With Schmidt on board, they further refined the distinctive country-rock sound they had debuted with Pickin' Up The Pieces. However whilst their first album had entirely consisted of Richie Furay songs, Poco featured only three Furay solo compositions. It also featured one he co-wrote with Schmidt, one band composition, a cover of Dallas Frazier's "Honky Tonk Downstairs", and one written (and sung) by lead guitarist Jim Messina. This song ("You Better Think Twice") has endured as one of the band's best-known numbers, and was indeed the highlight of the album. The other notable song was the closing medley, which took "Nobody's Fool"(from the first album) and stretched it out into an eighteen-minute jam, showing off the instrumental talents of all members (pedal steel guitarist Rusty Young in particular getting to shine).
Despite its merits, the album failed to get far on the charts, stalling at #58.

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KDNYfm said...

Probably one of the best Country rock albums of the era.
thanx for sharing this gem!