Seatrain - The Marblehead Messenger (1971)

Seatrain were an American rock band active from 1969 to 1973.

The Marblehead Messenger was the third album from Seatrain, and the second with the lineup of Peter Rowan (guitar/vocals), Lloyd Baskin (keyboards/vocals), Richard Greene (fiddle), Andy Kulberg (bass/flute) and Larry Atamanuik (drums/percussion), plus lyricist Jim Roberts. Again produced by George Martin, it followed in the same style as its predecessor, but was no where near as successful. The reason why is probably simply because it did not have as many memorable songs. Nevertheless it did have a consistent sound throughout. The songwriting was mostly by Kulberg and Roberts together, though Rowan did contribute three of his own compositions (one of which, "Mississippi Moon", would later be covered by Jerry Garcia on his Compliments album). Strangely, it also included a new version of "As I Lay Losing" from their debut album, renamed "Losing All The Years".
After its release both Rowan and Greene left to join bluegrass supergroup Muleskinner, and Roberts and Atamanuik soon departed too, leaving Kulberg (the only founding member left) to reform the band for their next album.

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