Gordon Lightfoot - The Way I Feel (1967)

Gordon Lightfoot is a Canadian singer-songwriter.

Gordon Lightfoot's second album came out in 1967. It expanded on the sound he had debuted with 1966's Lightfoot!, introducing new instrumentation to the mix - in particular many of the songs had drums. The instrumental backing came from Red Shea (lead guitar), John Stockfish (bass), Charlie McCoy (harmonica) and Kenny Buttrey (drums/percussion). However there was only one song that could really be described as making the move into full-on folk-rock - the dark, brooding title track, which had also appeared on his first album. Here it was recast in a driving folk-rock arrangement, and became the highlight of the album. Another notable song was his "Canadian Railroad Trilogy", which he was actually commisioned to write by CBC, and has come to be regarded as one of his best compositions.
Two singles from the album became modest successes on the Canadian singles chart - the title track and the catchy "Go Go Round". They got to #36 and #27 respectively. Another single released around the same time (but not included on the album) was "Spin Spin", which made it all the way to #7. However he still hadn't had any charting singles on the American charts.

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