Gene Parsons - Melodies (1979)

Gene Parsons is an American country-rock musician, best known for his years as drummer for The Byrds.

After leaving The Byrds and releasing his debut solo album (1973's Kindling), Gene Parsons joined a new incarnation of The Flying Burrito Brothers, with founding members Chris Ethridge and Sneaky Pete Kleinow (plus Gib Guilbeau and Joel Scott Hill). He was with them for two studio albums - Flying Again and Airborne. As with The Byrds, he was the group's drummer, and also sang and wrote a few good songs. He left the Burritos in 1976 due to a wrist injury, and rejoined again briefly in 1978, before leaving them for the final time.
His second solo album, Melodies, came out in 1979, consisting of some more rootsy country-rock. He played a large share of the instruments himself, not just drums but also guitar, bass, banjo, pedal steel and harmonica. Assistance came from Herb Pederson (backing vocals), Albert Lee (guitar), Bob Warford (guitar), Joey Larson (guitar), Greg Harris (guitar/mandolin), Pierer Bensusan (mandolin), David Vaught (bass guitar), Roger Bush (string bass), Luis Cabaza (piano/organ/clavinet) and Peter Wasner (piano). Warford, Lee and Parsons all made use of the guitar String Bender, a device that Parsons had invented with his old bandmate Clarence White to make the guitar sound like a pedal steel. Indeed it includes a tribute to White ("Melodies From A Bird In Flyght (For Clarence)"), who had died in 1973.
Alongside some good original songs, it included covers of "Why You Been Gone So Long" (Mickey Newbury), "Hot Burrito #1" (Gram Parsons and Chris Ethridge), "My Kingdom For A Car" (Phil Ochs) and the old western classic "Way Out There" (Bob Nolan).

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