Neil Young - Archives Selection Vol 1 (1968-1972)

Neil Young is a prolific Canadian singer-songwriter who has been releasing records since the 60s.

Over his long recording career, Neil Young has amassed a large quantity of unreleased material, which has all been widely bootlegged by his fans. He has been stating his intention to release a series of archive releases for many years, but the first volume did not come out until 2009. A 9-CD box set, it chronicled the first period of his career (1963-1972), featuring his original album tracks (including the Buffalo Springfield days) interspersed with a vast array of outtakes, remixes, live recordings, demos and more.
I have put this 11-track compilation together to showcase the most valuable recordings to have surfaced from the box set. Rather than include remixes that don’t differ that much from the original releases, I have just included songs that have never been released before and alternative recordings of already familiar songs from his early solo career. These are mostly outtakes from his first four albums (Neil Young, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, After The Gold Rush and Harvest) plus a couple of fantastic live recordings with CSNY. Clocking in at 32 minutes, it makes an excellent little album by itself. Many of these songs could easily have been highlights of those first four albums, and the reason for their fate remains a mystery.

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Anonymous said...

Was curious to hear your selections, but it seems somthing may be wrong with the files.


Neil Young tickets said...

I do agree that it appears Neil Young hasn't sold out or whatever but aren't his tickets outrageously cheap. But if that's because he doesn't use sponsorship than I guess that's cool.

edison61 said...

Great idea. Looking forward to hearing this. Thanks!