The Dillards - Copperfields (1970)

The Dillards were an American bluegrass group who in the mid-60s moved away from traditional music, becoming pioneers in the country-rock and 'progressive bluegrass' genres.
In the late 60s The Dillards had left their traditional roots behind and fused bluegrass with rock and pop music, becoming pioneers in the country-rock genre. 1970's Copperfields was the follow-up to their groundbreaking but underappreciated Wheatstraw Suite album from two years earlier, and featured the lineup of Rodney Dillard, Herb Pederson, Dean Webb and Mitch Jayne being extended by the addition of drummer Paul York. It followed in the same style, making even greater use of electric bass, pedal steel, drums and strings, and even a bit of electric guitar (though of course it was all built on the foundation of their bluegrass instrumentation). For the most part it consisted of very strong original material, but it did have some standout covers of Harry Nilsson's "Rainmaker", Eric Andersen's "Close The Door Lightly" and The Beatles' "Yesterday" (the latter sung a capella). Also featured a guest apperance from their old friend fiddler Byron Berline.
The result was another really fantastic record, and like its predecessor was actually really quite commercial sounding, with a good dose of pop sensibilites. However, again like its predecessor, it failed to chart.

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