Judy Collins - Golden Apples Of The Sun (1962)

Judy Collins is an American singer-songwriter.

Judy Collins' 1961 debut album was followed the next year by Golden Apples Of The Sun, which was much the same in terms of style and repertoire - acoustic guitar-based folk (again with help from guitarist Walter Raim and bassist Bill Lee), featuring mostly traditional material (including "Fannerio", "Lark In The Morning" and the Irish number "Shule Aroon"). Outside the traditional songs, she included Reverend Gary Davis' "Twelve Gates To The City", "Crow In The Cradle" by English poet Sydney Carter, and "Sing Hallelujah" by contemporary songwriter Mike Settle (later a member of The First Edition). The inclusion of such songs hinted at the eclecticism her music would come to be known for, as over the years she would move further and further away from the traditional American folk she at first relied on.

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