Peter Green Splinter Group - Destiny Road (1999)

The Peter Green Splinter Group was a band led by British singer-songwriter and guitarist Peter Green, active from 1997 to 2004.

Destiny Road was the Splinter Group's second studio album, coming after two live records and a Robert Johnson tribute. By this time original bassist Neil Murray had been replaced by Peter Stroud, joining guitarist Nigel Watson, keyboard player Roger Cotton, drummer Larry Tolfree and Green himself. It was notably their first album to consist almost entirely of original material - with the exception of an Elmore James cover and a Steve Winwood tune, all songs were written by the band members. Green's only songwriting contribution was "Tribal Dance", a new recording of an instrumental originally from his 1979 solo album In The Skies. Of the remaining nine songs, Watson wrote three, Cotton wrote four and Stroud wrote two, all proving themselves as very talented songwriters. Notable tunes include Cotton's instrumental "Hiding In Shadows" and Watson's "Indians", of which an early live version had appeared on Soho Session. Watson also sang on three songs, including Steve Winwood's "There's A River". The rest of the vocals were all handled by Green himself.
There is also a hidden track, coming after "There's A River" - a beautiful new instrumental reading of the old Fleetwood Mac classic "Man Of The World".
The album was the strongest record the Splinter Group had put out to date, proving themselves to be much more than just a blues cover act - they were an excellent original blues-rock group.

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