John Martyn - Solid Air (1973)

John Martyn was a British singer-songwriter and guitarist, known for his distinctive fusion of folk, blues and jazz.

John Martyn had found 'his sound' with 1971's Bless The Weather, and two years later Solid Air saw him explore his distinctive style further. The title track (dedicated to fellow singer-songwriter Nick Drake) best summarised his new sound - a hypnotic, shimmering haze of acoustic folk and jazz instrumentation, with his vocals taking on a new slurred style which added to the abstract, dream-like quality of the song. The rest of the album explored the different avenues available through his unique new musical formula. Featured musicians on the album included members of Fairport Convention past and present (Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Dave Pegg and Dave Mattacks), keyboardist John Bundrick, saxophonist Tony Coe and acoustic bassist Danny Thompson.
The album was a massive success, receiving critical acclaim and coming in time to be seen as his greatest achievement.

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