The Electric Prunes - The Electric Prunes (1967)

The Electric Prunes were an American psychedelic rock band originally active in the 1960s.

The Electric Prunes came from L.A., and went through many lineup changes prior to their first album. It was David Hassinger who discovered them, and got them to change their name (previously they were known as Jim & The Lords). He became their manager, and took them to record at Leon Russell's home studio. A single was released from these sessions, but it went nowhere.
Their second single Hassinger chose for them from the songwriting team of Nancie Mantz and Annette Tucker. Their recording of "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)" was a dark, psychedelic piece of garage rock, and became a hit, getting to #11 in 1966. By now they featured their 'classic' lineup - Jim Lowe (vocals), James Spagnola (guitar), Ken Williams (guitar), Mark Tulin (bass) and Preston Ritter (drums). A second Mantz/Tucker song, "Get Me To The World On Time", was released as a follow-up and got to #27.
Their album came out in 1967. It featured both singles plus another five Mantz/Tucker compositions, alongside some band originals. It's a really fantastic record, with their characterstic psychedelia/garage rock mix throughout, all full of tremolo-laden fuzz guitars and driven by Lowe's almost sneering vocals. It wasn't much of a chart success itself, but is today highly regarded in the genres of 60s psychedelia.

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