Three Dog Night - Three Dog Night (1968)

Three Dog Night is an American rock band, originally active from 1968 to 1976.

Three Dog Night started in 1967, and stood out due to the fact that they had three dedicated lead singers - Chuck Negron, Danny Hutton and Cory Wells. They originally went by the name of Redwood, and made some early recordings with Brian Wilson. However they soon abandoned the Redwood name, and recruited four musicians as their backing band - guitarist Michael Allsup, keyboardist Jimmy Greenspoon, bassist Joe Schermie and drummer Flyod Sneed. They managed to get noticed through their live shows in L.A., and were signed to Dunhill Records.
Their debut album came out in 1968. Rather than writing their own material, they pretty much relied on cover songs, but they managed to start and maintain a very successful career through these creative interpretations of other artists' material. Their first album featured songs by Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, Traffic, Neil Young, The Band, Tim Hardin, Lennon & McCartney and others. It was only moderately successful at first, but the third single from the album, Nilsson's "One" (with Negron on lead vocals), became a massive hit as they were working on the follow-up. It eventually got to #5 on the singles chart. To capitalize on its popularily, the title "One" was quickly added under the group's name on the album cover. The album itself eventually got to #11 as the band's career took off.

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