Dr John - Desitively Bonnaroo (1974)

Dr John (real name Mac Rebennack) is an American singer-songwriter and musician, best known as a pianist.

Desitively Bonnaroo was Dr John's follow up to his successful 1973 album In The Right Place, which had re-cast him as an ambassador of New Orleans funk, resulting in his greatest chart successes. Like its predecessor, Desitively Bonnaroo was produced by fellow New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint (who also contributed keyboards and percussion), and the instrumental backing came from The Meters (Art Neville on organ, Leo Nocentelli on guitar, George Porter on bass and Joseph Modeliste on drums). It turned out to be a harder, even funkier album, with tougher, grittier grooves throughout. However it didn't turn out to be as much of a chart success as In The Right Place had been. Nevertheless, it still ranks as among one of Dr John's best albums, and is definately the place to go if you want to hear him in full on funk mode.

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