Quicksilver Messenger Service - Comin' Thru (1972)

Quicksilver Messenger Service were an American rock band originally formed in the 1960s, part of San Francisco's famous psychedelic rock scene.

Comin' Thru was Quicksilver's second album with the latter-day lineup of Dino Valenti (guitar/vocals), Gary Duncan (guitar/vocals), Chuck Steaks (keyboards), Mark Ryan (bass) and Greg Elmore (drums). Like all their Dino Valenti era output, it is often unfairly dismissed as one of their weaker efforts, which is a great injustice, as it's an absolutely fantastic album. Sure, they didn't sound like they did back in 1968, but that's the point - its effectively an entirely new band (only Duncan and Elmore remained from the classic lineup).
If 1971's Quicksilver showcased the folk-rock side of the band's sound, Comin' Thru focused on the hard bluesy side. It was a heavy album, fully electric, with lots of brilliant playing from all members. In particular it featured some of Gary Duncan's most intense guitar playing, and Chuck Steaks played some great Hammond organ. Many of the songs were strengthened by a powerful horn section.
It turned out to be the last album by the band until their 1975 reunion record, though they did tour well into 1974 through several more lineup changes.

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