Gram Parsons - Live 1973

Posthumous release (1982)
Gram Parsons was an American singer-songwriter, considered a pioneer in the country-rock genre.

Many Gram Parsons albums have been released since his death in 1973, most of them compilations of his solo work and Burrito Brothers days. The most worthwhile is Live 1973, a recording of a concert originally aired live on WLIR-FM on March 13th 1973, just two months after the release of his splendid solo debut. The album is actually credited in full to 'Gram Parsons and The Fallen Angels, featuring Emmylou Harris'. The Fallen Angels band themselves consist of Jock Bartley (electric guitar), Neil Flanz (pedal steel), Kyle Tullis (bass) N.D. Smart II (drums). Harris' presence is prominent, more so than on GP, as she shares vocals with Parsons, at times stealing the show from him. This actually came two years pefore Harris' country-rock debut. She had released an obscure folk-based album in 1970, but she was not yet a major star at the time. Famously it was Parsons that turned her towards country-rock, so listening to this live recording is almost like hearing her rehearsing for what she was about to do under Parson's tutelage.
Live 1973 is an excellent album, and on its release was a much-needed addition to Parsons' quite slim output of work. In terms of country-rock, it definately leans towards the traditional country side, and is really quite mellow and laid-back. The songs featured include some that had appeared on GP, some that would later appear on Grievous Angel, plus a few country and rock & roll covers. Also includes "Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man", a song Parsons wrote with Roger McGuinn during his time with The Byrds. However the Byrds didn't record it until after his departure, so this can actually be considered the 'official' Gram Parsons version.

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