Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - At The Cavern (1964)

Blues Incorporated were an early 60s British blues band, led by Alexis Korner.

Blues Incorporated was originally founded by both Alexis Korner and harmonica player Cyril Davies. On their debut album (1962's R&B From The Marquee), Korner had played guitar, whilst the vocals were shared by Davies and Long John Baldry. At the time of its release it was a pioneering early British blues album, but two years later R&B had been brought into the pop world by younger groups such as The Rolling Stones and The Animals, and Blues Incorporated were no longer such an important band. By this time both Davies and Baldry had left. Graham Bond joined for a while, as did Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, before the three of them left to form The Graham Bond Organization (soon followed by sax player Dick Heckstall-Smith).
Blues Incorporated continued to perform in the London clubs, through various lineups of musicians, with Korner always at the helm as the one steady member. They went north for their second album, recording it live at The Cavern in Liverpool, by now with the lineup of Korner (electric guitar), Dave Castle (alto sax), Malcolm Saul (organ), Vernon Brown (bass) and Ronnie Dunn (drums). Korner sang on four of the album's eight tracks, and on three of them he introduced guest vocalist Herbie Goins, a black American ex-serviceman who was obviously a much better singer (Korner readily admitted as much himself). The recordings produced an album of fantastically raw, unpolished blues, with an intimate club atmosphere. Truly among the most authentic R&B to come out of Britain in the 60s.

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zigzagwanderer said...

thanks for this , I first heard this as a teenager in the early 70's when a customer of my father's gave me a stack of blues albums - Sonny & Brownie , Lightning , John Mayall etc , all were in abysmal condition but 'thru the haze of crackle came a sound that captivates to this day...