Crosby & Nash - Graham Nash/David Crosby (1972)

Crosby & Nash are a duo consisting of David Crosby and Graham Nash, better known for being two parts of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

After the massive success of CSNY's Deja Vu album, and all four members' high profile solo albums of 1971, David Crosby and Graham Nash went on tour together as an acoustic duo, to great success. As the CSNY name was pretty much abandoned and there was no hope for a follow-up album any time soon, they decided to record together as a duo. The result was 1972's Graham Nash/David Crosby.
Of the four of them, it has always been Crosby and Nash who have stuck together the closest over the years, being inseperable throughout most of their careers. Their musical styles are actually very different, Crosby having a penchant for the weird and abstract, and Nash's work being more accessible and commerical. But it turns out that the two complement eachother perfectly. Their first duo album tied both sounds together very well, their voices harmonizing together beautifully. Most of their instrumental backing came from guitarist Danny Kortchmar, keyboard player Craig Doerge, bassist Leland Sklar and drummer Russ Kunkel (ie The Section), plus appearances from members of the Grateful Dead (Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and Bill Kreutzmann), bassist Chris Ethridge, guitarist Dave Mason, drummer Johnny Barbata and CSNY bassist Greg Reeves.
The album proved to be a success, reaching #4 on the album charts. Crosby & Nash would record two more duo albums before CSN ever got round to recording their Deja Vu follow-up.

|> Wind On The Water (1975)

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