Traffic - Last Exit (1969)

Traffic were a British rock band active from the late 60s to the early 70s. Their line-up changed numerous times, but the three constant members throughout their career were the core trio of Steve Winwood, Chris Wood and Jim Capaldi.

Sometime in late '68 or early '69, Traffic was reduced again to the trio of Winwood, Wood and Capaldi after Dave Mason left for a second time, but then the band actually did break up fully. However one last album came out from the original incarnation - Last Exit was released in 1969, and was a collection of odds and ends released after the breakup. The first side consisted of studio tracks - a forgotten non-charting 1968 single and its b-side ("Medicated Goo" / "Shanghai Noodle Factory"), a couple more b-sides and an instrumental outtake. These songs were in the psychedelic art-rock style of their first two albums. The second side of the record was taken up by two lengthy live songs, recorded when the band were performing as a trio. As of such they feature a minimilistic instrumental lineup of organ, sax and drums, and showcase the live jamming side of the band at this stage in their career.
It's worth noting that Dave Mason only actually appears on one of the songs, "Just For You", which was actually a b-side to a solo single he had released in 1968.
Last Exit marked the end of the first incarnation of Traffic. Steve Winwood went on to be part of the short-lived supergroup Blind Faith. However, the Traffic story was far from over...

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