The Spencer Davis Group - The Second Album (1966)

The Spencer Davis Group were a British R&B band active in the mid-60s.

The Spencer Davis Group's big break came in November 1965, with the single "Keep On Running", a song by Jamaican singer-songwriter Jackie Edwards. It gave them their first #1 single - suddenly, the Birmingham quartet (and in particular lead singer Stevie Winwood) were big news.
Their second albm (appropriately titled The Second Album) came out in January '66. As well as "Keep On Running", it had a strong selection of mostly cover songs, including numbers by Don Covay, The Impressions, Ivory Joe Hunter and others. Stylistically, it was a continuation of the soul-styled R&B of their debut, with young Winwood's stunning vocals as the centrepiece. Of particular note is his incredible rendition of "Georgia On My Mind", making the Ray Charles comparisons easily justified.
The album itself became a #3 hit.

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