The 31st of February - The 31st of February (1968)

The 31st of February were a short-lived American folk-rock band.

The 31st of February were formed in Jacksonville, Florida by Scott Boyer (vocals/guitar), David Brown (bass) and Butch Trucks (drums). Inspired by early folk-rock bands such as The Byrds and The Lovin' Spoonful, they first performed as The Bitter Ind. Their first stroke of luck came when the brothers Duane and Greg Allman (who were playing at the time in The Allman Joys) saw them play, and became big fans. Later on the Allmans called up Trucks, as they were in need of a drummer quick, and he sat in with them for one show at the Beachcomber. After the show Duane Allman encouraged Trucks' band to audition for the club. The manager loved the group's sound, and they played at the club through mid 1967. Soon after this they found themselves in Miami, signed to Vanguard Records and by this time renamed The 31st of February.
Their album came out early 1968 - a modest psychedelia / folk-rock blend. Most of the songs were written by Brown and Boyer, with choice covers including Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Cod'ine". However it failed really to get noticed, and so they added a lead guitarist to the lineup and started to change their sound.
But it was at this point that they re-connected with the Allmans, who were then at a loose end, and they quickly joined forces and got rid of the new guitarist. The five-piece started performing together, and recorded material that wasn't released until 1972 as Duane & Gregg Allman. The result of this was that Duane and Gregg went on to form The Allman Brothers Band, taking drummer Butch Trucks with them. The 31st of February were over by this point. Scott Boyer teamed up with fellow guitarist/songwriter Tommy Talton and formed Cowboy.


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