Quicksilver Messenger Service - What About Me (1970)

Quicksilver Messenger Service were an American rock band originally formed in the 1960s, part of San Francisco's famous psychedelic rock scene.

What About Me was Quicksilver’s second album under Dino Valenti’s leadership. The radical change in direction he had instigated with Just For Love had alienated a lot of the band’s fans, and the fact that the album had been so patchy and uneven didn’t help matters. What About Me is often seen as much in the same vein, but the truth is that it was actually a stronger and more consistent record. Not that it wasn't without its flaws - the sound quality in particular left a lot to be desired. But there was definitely a greater quantity of good material than its predecessor could boast, in particularly the opening and closing songs (the title track and “Call On Me”). These songs show edthe best of what this big line-up had to offer, even if it was far removed from the band’s classic first two albums. 
Pianist Nicky Hopkins left the band during the making of the album. He only played on six of the songs, but did contribute his own fantastic instrumental “Spindrifter”. The piano on three of the other songs was played by Mark Naftalin, previously of The Butterfield Blues Band, who subsequently joined the band.
It actually proved to be the end of the original line-up. Guitarist John Cipollina and bassist David Freiburg also left after the album’s completion, leaving just Valenti, guitarist Gary Duncan and drummer Greg Elmore. 

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