The Graham Bond Organization - The Sound Of '65 (1965)

The Graham Bond Organization were a 60s British R&B band led by organist Graham Bond.

Graham Bond started out playing R&B with British blues authority Alexis Korner in his Blues Incoportated group. It was there that he met bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker (who of course would later find fame in Cream), though the three of them never appeared on any Blues Incorporated albums. They formed the Organization together, briefly with guitarist John McLaughlin, then with sax-player Dick Heckstall-Smith (also ex-Blues Incorporated). Bond played the Hammond organ, and was actually one of the first English musician to use the Hammond/Leslie combination in an R&B/rock context. He was also the group's singer and principle songwriter.
The Organization had a very unique sound, driven by Bond's growling vocals. The organ/sax/bass/drums lineup was also unusual when compared to most other British blues bands of the time, which were guitar-based. The resultant sound was very dark, aggressive and heavy, as can be heard on their debut LP The Sound Of '65.
The band was never a commercial success, but were highly influential, and can be considered a truly underrated part of the British blues revival.

|> There's A Bond Between Us (1965)

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