Davy Graham - 3/4 AD (1962)

Davy Graham was a British guitarist, considered one of the most innovative and influential players of fingerstyle acoustic guitar.

Davy Graham's debut EP was released in 1962, consisting of three acoustic guitar instrumentals. The first of these, "Angie" (written when he was only 19), is the one tune that Graham is best remembered for to this day, and with it he is often credited as single-handedly inventing the idea of the folk guitar instrumental (though John Fahey was doing something similar in America at the time). The legacy of this one song is vast, as it inspired a whole generation of acoustic guitarists (it was covered by Bert Jansch, Paul Simon and many others).
The title track "3/4 AD" was a duet with Alexis Korner, also on guitar, who helped discover Graham and organize this first recording. Korner also wrote the sleeve notes which praised Graham highly and called him "a genuinely gifted guitarist who rightly refuses to let himself be fenced into one field of music." Stylistically, the EP could be comfortably called folk music, but there are strong shades of blues, jazz, and perhaps more in his playing. Indeed Graham never felt he had to be confined to one genre, and with his later releases he explored well outside the boundaries of folk music. Even from this early release it is obvious that he had to be one of the best acoustic guitarists of his age... and this was just the beginning!

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Michael Daly said...

beautiful stuff - thanks. His influence is enormous and his stuff is still a joy to listen to.

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Davy Graham was one of the best guitarists that my ears have listened to, he was so talented and creative that his legacy will last forever even though he is not that popular

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