Hoyt Axton - My Griffin Is Gone (1969)

Hoyt Axton was an American singer-songwriter and actor.

Hoyt Axton began his musical career as a folk singer in San Francisco, and released several acoustic folk albums in the early to mid 60s. One of his compositions from this period, "Greenback Dollar", became a hit for The Kingston Trio in 1963.
By the time he released My Griffin Is Gone, four years had gone by since his last album. It started a new chapter in his career, mostly leaving his folk roots behind. It's a truly diverse record, masterfully produced with some careful arrangements and tasteful orchestration. It doesn't fit comfortably into any one genre, and can't really be called folk, country, rock or pop. Perhaps only the term 'singer-songwriter' will do. The driving force throughout is undoubtedly Axton's distinctive, powerful baritone voice, which let him craft a unique sound of his own.
One of the songs here - "Snowblind Friend" - would be the first of many he would write about the perils of drug abuse (partly inspired by his own experiences). It was later covered by rock band Steppenwolf.

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