JJ Cale - 5 (1979)

JJ Cale was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.
Three years passed between Troubadour and it's follow-up. If fans were wondering if JJ Cale had ran out of steam they were not to be dissapointed, as when 5 finally did come out it was just as good as his first four classic albums. He was still going strong.
Recorded in various studios around Nashville, it featured a host of by now familiar session musician friends. A new addition to the Cale's crew was Christine Lakeland, who contributed vocal harmonies and rhythm guitar (among other instruments), adding a new layer to his sound. She also co-wrote a song with him. One song was not written by Cale - "Let's Go To Tahiti" was by his musician friends Bill Boatman and Roger Tillison. Another element new to his sound was the use of orchestration on a couple of songs, used to best effect on "Sensitive Kind".

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torritababel said...

The track entitled "Katy Kool Lady" is actually an out-take called "Out of Style". This was a production error in the original CD, which listed the song as "Katy Kool Lady" in error. The actual song Katy Kool Lady is on the vinyl edition of "5" only, and is not available on any CD.

Thank you for all these amazing postings, BTW.