Fred Neil & Vince Martin - Tear Down The Walls (1964)

Fred Neil and Vince Martin were American singer-songwriters who performed and recorded together in the early 60s.

By 1964 both Fred Neil and Vince Martin had gained much experience in the music business. Martin had had a hit with "Cindy, Oh Cindy" in 1956 with The Tarriers, whilst Neil was a major figure in the New York Greenwich Village folk scene (he had previously released several obscure singles dating back to the late 50s). Before either of their solo careers really took off they performed together in New York, and were renowned for their lively concerts. They recorded Tear Down The Walls as a harmonizing duo, backed by Felix Pappalardi on guitarron (a type of Mexican bass) and John Sebastian on harmonica, and it was released on the Elektra label during the tail end of the American folk revival. Neil's deep, dark voice contrasted well with Martin's clear, high tones, leading one to wonder what other things they could have done if they had remained together as a duo in the folk-rock era. The songs were a diverse mixture of folk traditionals and original numbers (mostly from Neil), as well as Travis Edmonson's "I'm A Drifter" and the Bonnie Dobson classic "Morning Dew".

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