Buffalo Springfield - Last Time Around (1968)

Buffalo Springfield were an American folk-rock band which started the careers of Stephen Stills, Richie Furay and Neil Young.

Once one of folk-rock's premier groups, Buffalo Springfield were falling apart by 1968. After one too many drug busts, erratic bassist Bruce Palmer was out of the band for good. Guitarist and studio engineer Jim Messina was hired to play bass in time for their last album. But by the time Last Time Around was released, the band had already broken up. Much of the album was recorded by various sorts of combinations of members filled out with session musicians. Neil Young was become less and less interested in the group, only contributing two songs (one of which would be sung by Richie Furay). Even more so than on their fractured-yet-undeniably-brilliant second album, Last Time Around is a loose grouping of songs from three seperate songwriters, soon to be solo artists and bandleaders in their own rights. Young's first solo album would be out by the end of the year, Stills would soon be working with ex-Byrd David Crosby and ex-Hollies Graham Nash as Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Furay was soon to pursue his country-rock dream by forming Poco.
The album was pieced together and released after the group's demise to fulfill contractual obligations. However it's still a good album, and actually includes one of Richie Furay's best songs - "Kind Woman", where he is backed by future Poco member Rusty Young on pedal steel guitar.

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