Eric Andersen - 'Bout Changes 'n' Things (1966)

Eric Andersen is an American singer-songwriter.

Eric Andersen's second album was a continuation of sorts from his first. His poetic singer-songwriter material was still clearly rooted in folk music, but at the same time it's clear he was leaving traditional music behind, following in the wake of Bob Dylan, as most folk singers were by 1966. Almost all the songs were originals, though it does include a cover of the rock & roll classic "That's All Right Mama". Whilst Today Is The Highway was all performed solo, 'Bout Changes 'n' Things saw Andersen backed here and there by electric bass from Harvey Brooks and extra acoustic guitars. It included some of his best-known and most highly regarded compositions, such as "Violets Of Dawn", "Thirsty Boots" and "Close The Door Lightly When You Go".

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