Rick Nelson - Bright Lights & Country Music (1966)

Rick Nelson was an American singer-songwriter, who originally emerged out of the rock 'n' roll era as a teen idol, scoring nineteen top-ten hits between 1957 and 1973.

Ricky Nelson is best remembered as a teen idol of the rock 'n' roll era, in the late 50s and early 60s. However in 1961 (his 21st birthday), he officially changed his recording name from 'Ricky' to 'Rick', signalling a move away from being a pop star and towards recording as a 'serious artist'.
In the mid 60s he started to move away from his rockabilly sound towards country music, after his artistic freedom had begun to stagnate in a dying music form. 1966's Bright Lights & Country Music is often considered an early example of country rock, though technically it was straight country, just without the gloss of Nashville production. The music itself was truly fantastic, as his voice fit the style perfectly, and it had a bold, punchy sound throughout, with lots of great dobro from James Burton, electric guitar from Clarence White, piano from Leon Russell and Glen D. Hardin, and backing vocals which hark back to his pop roots. The songs themselves were mostly covers of well-known songs such as Terry Fell's "Truck Drivin' Man" and Doug Kershaw's "Louisiana Man", though Nelson did contribute the fantastic original "You Just Can't Win".

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