Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit & Greenhill - The Unwritten Works Of Geoffrey, Etc. (1968)

Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit & Greenhill were an obscure late 60s group from Texas, their real names being David Bullock, Scott Fraser, Eddie Lively and Phil White. More of a collaboration of singer-songwriters than a true band, they got together and recorded this one album in 1968, under the guidance of producer T-Bone Burnett (who also contributed to the songwriting). Stylistically it is a truly diverse exploration of the folk-rock pallette, at times rootsy and earthy and at others whimsical and baroque. All four members contribute guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals between them, and their arrangements are orchestrated here and there by violins, accordions, harmonica and strings. The end result is a charming, laid-back and curious blend of sounds. The record went unnoticed on its original release, and would have remained so to this day if it wasn't for a recent CD reissue. White, Fraser and Bullock later teamed up with drummer Brett Wilson and became Space Opera.


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KDNYfm said...

I have worn out, shared and sold my fair share of copies of the Space Opera album. I think it is a fantastic piece of work. I recently found the Space Opera -Safe at Home recording which included earlier takes on a couple of the tracks from the US major label release of first SO album. I have read some of the info on this release and will be happy to finally hear it. And hear some of TBone's early production work! Thanx for sharing.