Tim Hardin - This Is Tim Hardin (1967)

Tim Hardin was an American singer-songwriter.

This Is Tim Hardin was put out in 1967 by Atco records, to cash in on the success Hardin had just achieved with his two Verve albums and "If I Were A Carpenter", which was a Top 10 hit for Bobby Darin. The album was a collection of some of his earliest demo recordings - as of such is was recorded before his Verve albums which featured more commercial folk-rock. In comparison the demo material was startlingly authentic acoustic folk-blues, all performed solo. Alongside strong original material it had arrangements of traditional songs, a song by fellow folkie Fred Neil, and even a stunning version of the classic Willie Dixon blues “Hoochie Coochie Man” (perhaps the most overplayed blues song of all time, yet he managed to make it interesting). Hardin’s guitar playing and powerful vocals was arguably utilised here better than on any of his later commercial works.

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Paul Scofield said...

'This in Tim Hardin' is Tim solo in 1964. 'Tim Hardin 4' is the other demo work he did in 1964, but with a full band. Apparently, these demos were rejected at the time. 'Tim Hardin 3' is a must hear...it's something close to Astral Weeks, but live. And do listen to Tim sing 'If I Were A Carpenter' at Woodstock on the opening night on youtube - an incredible version.