Shawn Phillips - Shawn (1965)

Shawn Phillips is an American singer-songwriter.

Phillips' second album was in the same style as his first, released a year earlier - solo acoustic covers of songs by contemporary singer-songwriters, made his own in exciting new arrangements driven by his stunning voice. Like its predecessor, it was recorded whilst he was living in England. This was the same year that he began working with British singer-songwriter Donovan, playing 12-string guitar on the Fairytale album (and also contributing the song "Little Tin Soldier").
What marked Shawn out from I'm A Loner was the fact that it featured a few more original compositions, and indeed some of them were highlights of the album. The covers included numbers by Billy Ed Wheeler, Peter Seeger and Ledbelly. The album suffered from the same lack of exposure as his first, so that he still remained a cult figure, and wouldn't release another album for five years. Even today these two first acoustic albums are among his lesser-known works, making them true obscurites.

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