The Flying Burrito Brothers - Burrito Deluxe (1970)

The Flying Burrito Brothers were a pioneering American country-rock band, founded in the late 60s.

After their fantastic debut album The Gilded Palace Of Sin, bassist Chris Ethridge left the group, apparently frustrated with their lack of commercial success. In the wake of his departure Chris Hillman moved over to bass, and the band found themselves a permanent drummer in another ex-Byrd, Michael Clarke. They were also joined by lead guitarist Bernie Leadon (both Clarke and Leadon had recently been members of Dillard & Clark), giving them the new lineup of Gram Parsons (rhythm guitar/keyboards/vocals), Chris Hillman (bass/mandolin/vocals), Pete Kleinow (pedal steel), Bernie Leadon (guitar/dobro/banjo/vocals) and Michael Clarke (drums).
Despite the solid new band lineup, the sessions for their second album did not go smoothly, mostly due to Parson’s apparent lack of interest. Burrito Deluxe proved to be a disappointing follow-up to their excellent first album, though it is worth noting that anything would seem disappointing when compared to such a splendid debut. The songwriting was shared throughout between Parsons, Hillman and Leadon, along with covers which included Bob Dylan’s “If You Gotta Go, Go Now”, the country standard “Farther Along” and the Jagger/Richards classic “Wild Horses” (the Stones had yet to release their own version at this point, Richards’ friendship with Parsons explaining its inclusion here). There were also guest appearances from fiddler Byron Berline and pianist Leon Russell, among others.
The relationship between Parsons and Hillman had clearly deteriorated, as not long after Burrito Deluxe the former had left the band, leaving Hillman and Kleinow as the only founding members remaining.

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