The Byrds - Younger Than Yesterday (1967)

The Byrds were an influential American rock band who in the 60s were pioneers in the genre of folk-rock, and later both psychedelic rock and country-rock.

The problems the band experienced with Fifth Dimension were resolved by the time of Younger Than Yesterday, proving that they had recovered from the loss of Gene Clark. The first single, “So You Want To Be A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”, was a moderate success commercially. Roger McGuinn and David Crosby both settled into their own song-writing styles, the latter having a habit for abstract and experimental compositions, exemplified by the bizarre "Mind Gardens". Surprisingly bassist Chris Hillman also emerged as a singer and songwriter, penning four of the album’s songs, two of which had strong country influences (Hillman used to play mandolin in the bluegrass group The Hillmen) and featured bluegrass virtuoso Clarence White on lead guitar. The band’s folk-rock style which first catapulted them to stardom was given a nod with “My Back Pages”, their strongest Dylan interpretation yet. These folk, rock, psychedelia and country sounds all fused together into a diverse but consistent album. However whilst the album represented the pinnacle of their artistic freedom and collaboration, it also marked the beginning of internal conflicts which were soon to tear the band apart.

Fifth Dimension (1966) <|> The Notorious Byrd Brothers (1968)
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