Gene Parsons - Kindling (1973)

Gene Parsons is an American country-rock musician, best known for his years as drummer for The Byrds.

Gene Parsons was born in California in 1944, and started his music career playing alongside Cajun fiddler Gib Guilbeau. The two of them recorded for Gary Paxton's Bakersfield International label, releasing singles as Cajun Gib & Gene, and working as session musicians for other artists on the label. Parsons played drums, harmonica and banjo. The two of them also joined guitarist Clarence White and bassist Wayne Moore to form Nashville West. Parsons and White later joined The Byrds in 1968, until the group was dissolved by bandleader Roger McGuinn (though Parsons was actually fired in 1972).
His debut solo album came out in 1973. It was a quiet, gentle, rather quaint country-rock affair, with almost all-acoustic instrumentation and flavours of bluegrass and cajun. Helping him out were past (and future) band-mates and other associates, including both White and Guilbeau, plus fiddler Vassar Clements, bassist Roger Bush and pianist Bill Payne (of Little Feat), among others. It consisted of mostly original songs alongside a great cover of Guilbeau's "Take A City Bride" and the Lowell George classic “Willin’”.

|> Melodies (1979)
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